Inschrijvingen codex sessies 2018

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Interview Paul Bollen (zaakvoerder Slaagsleutels)



Hulp nodig tijdens de blok en examens?


Waarom studenten bijles volgen bij Slaagsleutels? 


Lesgevers Slaagsleutels aan het woord 




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Valentin G.
I had the pleasure of working with Paul for two years at Rebus. During that time I've seen Paul handle some very difficult situations between students and teachers. Paul has the capacity of using his listening skills in order to remediate and untangle any situation. He also has a very kind and emphatic personality, which makes him the perfect manager to work for. He's always willing to give a helping hand in times of crisis or whenever guidance is needed. Paul is a motivated, positive and energetic Manager.

Valentin G. - lesgever en Senior Treasury Consultant at Deloitte Belgium